Aaron J. Shay

Aaron J. Shay is a Seattle balladeer, storyteller, folkster, and science fiction enthusiast. When he’s not crooning out a tune about lovelorn cyborgs or disenfranchised androids, you can find him working on community mutual aid projects, participating in his labor union, and sharing weird communist memes. His fiction writing and his music has been featured in the podcast The Ugly Radio, and he’s been a frequent performer in the 14/48 Theater Festival.

In the before-times, he performed his one-man solo sci-fi show “Apocalypse Songs” to audiences in such exotic locales as Scotland, Portland and Fresno; In the pandemic times, now, he mostly sings songs to his two tiny, anxious dogs. You can find his music on Bandcamp, and also all of the other streaming services that don’t pay enough royalties to earn a mention.