April Fools Friday Extravaganza

April Fools Friday Extravaganza 2022

April fools day, 2022 and we decided to try something new by bringing a vaudeville/variety show to Yakima, WA. Performances by magicians Captain Squirrel and Dave Ettle, burlesque dancers Daisy Disco, Annie Hellcat, & Starla Sinema, and drag comedian Clementine Devine were tied together by musical MCs, Bowler and Spoons, and supported by our house band, Cockaphonix! As with any new experiment in performance, problems were bound to occur (such as our pirate captain walking off with a cursed statue), but no one was prepared for the mysterious STREAKER let loose in the packed Seasons Performance hall that night.

Our house band, Cockaphonix
Captain Squirrel stealing the cursed barnacle angel

As our hosts went to track down the nefarious nude, our wholesome burlesque performers carried on with the show, and it was only as the Cockaphonix finished out the night that we realized this “streaker” was merely The Cockaphonix’ trumpet player all along!

“At no point of the show was I ever not lost as to what was happening” – Audience member

“If you cannot find a babysitter for your 7-year-old, don’t do it” – Sarah Jay, 107.3 KFFM