The Undre Reed & Grace Drysdale Dance Duo

Undre Reed has been supporting the Dance Scene since the age of 13. With a serious dance journey from the age 11, he started teaching at the age of 15. First modern & Contemporary for 10+ years. Hip-hop, house & Breakdance for 7+ years. Jazz & tap for 6+ years. Last but not least, he’s been into couples dancing heavily for the past 9 years. Competing at Lindy Hop Comps & winning awards for his work.

Grace Drysdale has been couples dancing consistantly since 2016. Waltz for 6+ years, blues for 5+ years, and Lindy hop for at least 7 years. Undre and Grace are partners in life & the dance floor who rigorously put together pulchritudinous performances of Movement. Teaching couples dancing, wedding dances and of course classes for blues, Lindy hop & micro is also in their arsonal of experience.